When Scaling Up or Out isn’t Enough

Scale-Through with Stellus

Unlike traditional file systems that support scale-up or scale-out storage strategies, Stellus is designed for fast-paced scale-through environments, where data can scale up and out efficiently, independent of one another.

When selecting or upgrading a system, add a Key-Value Store (KVS) to expand capacity and a Data Manager (DM) to increase total application throughput.

Key-Value Storage Over Fabrics

Samsung-backed start-up Stellus emerged from stealth mode to announce its software defined Stellus Data Platform.  This is a storage technology involving native key-value stores to create a new type of memory native file system running on commodity NVMe SSD hardware.    The company said that it can reduce global file and block contention and costs, remove scale and performance limitations and inconsistency of global data caches with key-value over NVMe fabric.  In addition, the company says that it offers algorithmic data locality with a memory native architecture to remove performance limitations of global maps at scale.  This software can work on premise or in the cloud.

Steve Duplessie speaking about Scale-Through
at the Stellus Launch Event

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Media & Entertainment

The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) sets a new standard for media storage performance, empowering M&E companies to support more workloads, more simultaneous playback streams, and faster render times. Unlike architectures that waste resources on tasks irrelevant to modern storage, the SDP is an entirely new file system, built from the ground up for unstructured data and solid-state media.

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Life Science

Stellus is rewriting the rules for life sciences computing. The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) file system is built from the ground up for storing and processing unstructured data. It enables organizations to dramatically accelerate application performance for genomic analysis. Researchers can now process more workloads in far less time and take concrete steps to enable personalized medicine therapies.

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Stellus Data Platform

Stellus provides a modern, highly performant file storage platform that enables hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Based on key-value store technology and exceptionally suited for unstructured data.

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