Stellus Data Platform

High-Performance Network Attached
Storage with up to 80GB/s of Throughput

Modern NAS Platform Built for Speed, Scale and Reliability

Stellus provides a modern, highly performant network attached storage platform that enables hyperscale throughput. Based on the industry’s first key-value over fabrics technology and exceptionally suited for unstructured data, Stellus Data Platform eliminates the need for file and block conversions, global data mapping, and global cache management. It delivers consistent and fast performance, exceeding that of the fastest competing solutions that rely on legacy architectures.

Stellus Data Platform
up to 80GB/s
Modern NAS
1.5 GB/s
Traditional NAS
200 MB/s
  • Data Manager 01
  • Data Manager 02
  • Data Manager 03
  • Data Manager 04
  • Data Manager 05
  • Data Manager 06
  • Data Manager 07
  • Data Manager 08
  • Key-Value Store 01
  • Key-Value Store 02
  • Key-Value Store 03
  • Key-Value Store 04
  • Key-Value Store 05
  • Key-Value Store 06
  • Key-Value Store 07
  • Key-Value Store 08
Read Throughput GB/s
Raw Capacity TB

Scale Throughput & Capacity Independent of One Another

Unlike traditional file systems that support scale-up or scale-out storage strategies, Stellus is designed for fast-paced scale-through environments, where data can scale up and out efficiently, independent of one another.

80 Gigabytes per sec of throughput

32 Uncompressed 4K Video Streams

3X Increase in Genomics Sequencing Per Day

Key-Value over Fabrics

Unlike traditional NAS block or NVMe-based file systems that support scale-up or scale-out storage strategies, the Stellus NAS platform uses key-value over fabrics technology to scale-through the hybrid Cloud, Core and Edge infrastructures struggling to keep data flowing quickly and efficiently enough to the most critical workloads.

Key-value over fabrics technology enables the performance and efficiency of an end to end key-value based data system for unstructured data. Combining efficient file and object presentation to applications that is disaggregated via high performance, low latency fabric networks to high-throughput, persistent key-value data stores, key-value over fabrics technology is a groundbreaking improvement to storing, managing and accessing large volumes of unstructured data.


Cloud-managed service with predictive media management and client access level analytics provides insight and control into the on-going performance of the application and reliability of the storage environment.

Stellus System Control presents the insights required to keep any storage environment performing optimally, predicting system-wide needs, alerting adminstrators to known issues, and triggering workflows for automated resolutions. The intuitive interface helps visualize performance, while predictive analytic tools provide planning and forecasting, cluster analysis, drive health and offer recommendations.

Form Factor 1U rack-mount
Nodes 1 node
Boot Device Samsung SATA 860 EVO 1TB M.2 form factor
Capacity/Storage 36 × hot-swappable NVMe drives (KVS only)
CPU 2 × Intel® Xeon® Skylake Processors
36 cores (18 per socket) Gold 6140 @ 2.3 GHz Max 3.7 GHz (DM)
16 cores (8 cores per socket) Gold 6134 @ 3.2 GHz Max 3.7 GHz (KVS) Dual
Memory 768 GB DDR4 (DM)
384 GB DDR4 (KVS)
24 DIMM slots across 12 memory channels (6 channels per CPU)
NVDIMM 64 GB Viking NVDIMM (KVS only)
Network 2 × 100 GbE Mellanox CX5 card
4 × 25 GbE Mellanox CX5 card (DM only)
2 × dedicated GbE IPMI LAN ports
Power 80PLUS Power Supplies
AC Input (Nominal 115V) DC Output: 100–127V, 50/60Hz, 10A 800W
AC Input (Nominal 220V) DC Output: 200–240V, 50/60Hz, 8A 1200W
Operating Temperature 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
Operating Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Certification UL, FCC, CE, CB
Cooling 7 × dual rotor hot-swappable fan modules
Enclosure Management IPMI 2.0
Front IO 2 × USB 3.0
Rear IO 2 × USB 3.0
Model Configuration # DM # KVS # SSDs Capacity Throughput RU*
SDP-220 2×2 2 2 24 184 20 5
SDP-420 4×2 4 2 48 369 40 7
SDP-440 4×4 4 4 96 737 40 9
SDP-840 8×4 8 4 96 737 80 13
SDP-880 8×8 8 8 192 1475 80 17

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* Dimensions in rack units (RU). One RU or 1U = H 1.75”, W 17.2”, D 34”

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Life Science

Stellus is rewriting the rules for life sciences computing. The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) file system is built from the ground up for storing and processing unstructured data. It enables organizations to dramatically accelerate application performance for genomic analysis. Researchers can now process more workloads in far less time and take concrete steps to enable personalized medicine therapies.

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Stellus Data Platform

Stellus provides a modern, highly performant file storage platform that enables hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Based on key-value store technology and exceptionally suited for unstructured data.

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