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At Stellus, partnering is personal. Stellus Partner Program (STPP) is flexible, collaborative and rewarding, delivering the training, tools, content and support partners need to grow their Stellus business. We are committed to providing our partners with the highest level of support to develop, market, sell, and deliver industry-leading solutions with Stellus, while achieving the highest degree of customer success and satisfaction.



The Stellus Partner Program rewards and promotes the capabilities you bring to the market. We help you develop new capabilities when you pursue new opportunities in the data storage space.


“We consider Stellus a revolutionary primary storage system that is a great addition to an end user’s complete data strategy.”  

Nathan C. Thompson | Chief Executive Officer – Spectra Logic

“Stellus is very impressive, a game changer for our customers.  We witnessed Stellus break records at NAB, and we have never seen anything that fast and amazing. We are excited to work with their team to bring hyperscale throughput to our customers as they digitize their enterprise.”

Vince Deluca | Chief Executive Officer – Logicalis


Gain access to a collection of proven marketing and sales tools, specialized training and support, preferred pricing and more. Our program guides your path to success on Stellus and shares valuable insights to grow your business.


Expand your customer outreach and power new outcomes through Stellus’s industry leading solutions and enjoy access to our programs and sales and marketing enablement programs.


Gain new competencies with Stellus’s cutting edge technical and sales training to help you enter new markets with enhanced customer solutions and services.


Get access to Stellus’s wealth of technologies and products that deliver value at every step where data is captured, accessed, aggregated, transformed and preserved


Increase your revenue potential with Stellus incentives and promotions and specifically designed to help you grow your business

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What Makes HDR Video So Special?

What Makes HDR Video So Special?

What Makes HDR Video So Special? Most people can appreciate the art of beautifully implemented cinematography, yet one might argue that those of us who are fans of classic cinema and television are especially attuned to the miracle that high dynamic range (HDR).
Why Will NVMe and NVMeOF Dominate the Land?

Why Will NVMe and NVMeOF Dominate the Land?

Side Note: There are four V’s in data: volume, variety, veracity, and velocity. Well, really five if you add value, but that is another conversation. For this conversation we will focus on just one: velocity. Velocity is the frequency of incoming

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Cognitive AI

Artificial intelligence management requires massive data sets and high-speed processing to achieve the degree of efficiency and accuracy necessary to train neural networks and establish actionable insights. Through innovative software and services, Stellus Data Platform empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

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Media & Entertainment

The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) sets a new standard for media storage performance, empowering M&E companies to support more workloads, more simultaneous playback streams, and faster render times. Unlike architectures that waste resources on tasks irrelevant to modern storage, the SDP is an entirely new file system, built from the ground up for unstructured data and solid-state media.

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Life Science

Stellus is rewriting the rules for life sciences computing. The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) file system is built from the ground up for storing and processing unstructured data. It enables organizations to dramatically accelerate application performance for genomic analysis. Researchers can now process more workloads in far less time and take concrete steps to enable personalized medicine therapies.

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Stellus Data Platform

Stellus provides a modern, highly performant file storage platform that enables hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Based on key-value store technology and exceptionally suited for unstructured data.

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Solution Brief- Genomics

Unlock the Targeted Therapies of the Future

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Solution Brief- M&E

Transform Media Economics with Breakthrough Capacity & Performance

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Solution Brief- Cryo-EM

Break the Backlog for High-Speed Microscopy

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