Unleash Hyperscale Throughput for the Digital Enterprise

Introducing the Stellus Data Platform

In our data-driven world, enterprises need more performance from their compute and storage infrastructures than ever before. However, while microprocessors, memory, networks, and other technologies have evolved to meet these needs, storage software itself remains largely unchanged. At the core of even today’s most advanced network attached storage (NAS) arrays are decades-old file systems—designed for antiquated hard disk drive (HDD) technologies and optimized to solve problems that are no longer relevant. If enterprises want to meet the computational needs of the present, much less the future, they need a fresh approach to managing unstructured data.

Stellus provides an entirely new kind of high-performance file system, designed from the ground up to take advantage of today’s ultra-fast storage media and optimized for the unstructured data that now dominates enterprise workloads. By bringing innovations from the world of hyperscale data centers to the enterprise, we’re delivering throughput up to 800 percent faster than conventional systems, with a fraction of the latency. We’re helping businesses accelerate the most demanding application workloads with near parity for read and write throughput performance. And, we’re enabling more flexible storage infrastructures that customers can deploy in the edge, core, and/or public clouds, maintaining predictable performance and economics as they grow.

Read this white paper to learn how Stellus Data Platform helps organizations:

  • Achieve exponential increases in performance with strongly consistent throughput up to 80GB/sec
  • Realize scale-through flexibility to evolve their storage infrastructure in whichever way makes sense for their businesses, with predictable performance and economics at every step of the way.
  • Easily integrate with 3rd party management tools to perform management functions
  • Access their unstructured data 5x faster and using 50% less resources than other data storage architectures available today with the help of Key-Value over Fabrics technology and application-specific Key-Value Stores.

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Cognitive AI

Artificial intelligence management requires massive data sets and high-speed processing to achieve the degree of efficiency and accuracy necessary to train neural networks and establish actionable insights. Through innovative software and services, Stellus Data Platform empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

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Media & Entertainment

The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) sets a new standard for media storage performance, empowering M&E companies to support more workloads, more simultaneous playback streams, and faster render times. Unlike architectures that waste resources on tasks irrelevant to modern storage, the SDP is an entirely new file system, built from the ground up for unstructured data and solid-state media.

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Life Science

Stellus is rewriting the rules for life sciences computing. The Stellus Data Platform (SDP) file system is built from the ground up for storing and processing unstructured data. It enables organizations to dramatically accelerate application performance for genomic analysis. Researchers can now process more workloads in far less time and take concrete steps to enable personalized medicine therapies.

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Stellus Data Platform

Stellus provides a modern, highly performant file storage platform that enables hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Based on key-value store technology and exceptionally suited for unstructured data.

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