Stellus is Like Yoga: We Both Enable Flexibility

Written by Lynn Orlando

Written by Lynn Orlando

Published on December 23, 2019

The Importance of Personal Flexibility

Flexibility enables our bodies to stay healthy. It increases our agility and range of motion. It lengthens and strengthens our muscles and keeps us moving smoothly through our daily tasks, helping us to reach higher, bend further, and turn faster and more completely. We don’t necessarily think about walking, reaching, turning, or bending until these normal movements become difficult or painful to accomplish.

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t need any special equipment nor need to completely change your lifestyle to incorporate it. You just need the desire to make yourself better and the commitment to do it.

The Importance of Flexibility in Business

In the world of business, data centers need to employ flexibility to stay relevant and agile enough to bend when new technologies appear that will help them to build their internal and external strength. As in the case with yoga, data center administrators rarely think about their architectures’ flexibility until they reach the pain point and are unable to move fast enough or reach far enough to meet the demands of modern workloads. Plus, the costs of meeting those demands can be prohibitive. Unlike the simplicity of yoga, which needs no special equipment, data centers are often pushed into completely changing their architectures and buying tons of new equipment in order to keep up, which is disruptive and expensive.

How Does Stellus Enable Flexibility

Stellus enables your data center’s flexibility by enabling it to bend, reach, and turn when necessary. Here’s how.

  • No need for special hardware

    We offer superior ROI, given that our solution can integrate into existing data center architectures.

  • Decoupled capacity and performance for scale

    What’s more—and this is very cool—when you need to add more capacity or performance to reach the increasing demands of your workloads, you buy only what you need to get the job done. We’ve decoupled capacity and performance, so you can add either one independently, rather than the traditional spindle-based scaling method that delivers both capacity and performance as a higher-cost package deal.

  • Future proofing at the core value

    Let’s face it: Just as the processing power in computers continues to increase, the power and performance of online memories continue to increase, and every new version of a switch that goes into a data center gets a lot faster. Even the networks are growing. The problem is that the core technology used to store your data hasn’t grown in 20-25 years. Stellus saw this as a big opportunity because we knew that the methods the large hyperscalers were using to build their data centers–using key-value stores—could also provide a competitive edge within enterprise data centers. We developed Stellus Data Platform in such a way that enterprise data center customers could take advantage of those same technologies, thereby extending their reach and future-proofing their environments to leverage the current and upcoming capabilities and to support more, larger demanding workloads.

  • Performance

    Those demanding workloads require peak performance. As mentioned, the Stellus Data Platform is based on a key-value store. It is a performant system packaged as software that works with your own commodity hardware. Our key value over fabrics approach is now being standardized by SNIA. This approach allows us to more efficiently reduce the latency and increase the bandwidth inside our system and to serve more data more quickly up to the application tier, running as a user-mode application on top of a standard Linux distribution.

  • Productivity

    When time is money, faster performance means faster completion of tasks and more productivity. Stellus enables you to save time so that you can focus on the big picture versus small details about you data. Focus on creating the block buster movies. Focus on Life Sciences research to find personalized alternatives in healthcare. Focus on whatever you do to provide the best service possible to your own end users because Stellus Data Platform gives you the benefit of reducing your operational burden as the system scales.

Flexible organizations are more able to respond to evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the marketscape. Just as yoga affords you flexibility for your own peak performance, Stellus Data Platform allows data center administrators to stretch and reach the limits of their hardware and networks to extract the full value of their data, maybe even finding some inner peace by getting the most out of their data and doing what they need to do for their end users. No yoga mats needed.

At Stellus, we provide you with the flexibility to reach your business goals because we’ve got your data covered.


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