Introducing Stellus: We’re Turning the Storage Industry on Its Ear! 

Written by Lynn Orlando

Written by Lynn Orlando

Published on October 9, 2019

Let’s face it, advances in data storage technology happen relatively slowly, but Stellus is turning the data storage industry on its ear by revolutionizing data architecture with our Stellus Data Platform (SDP). SDP is raising the game of software-defined storage by offering never-before-seen performance and scalability. How do we do it? We use a native file system that effectively resolves key latency issues and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Stellus is able to bring this product to market because our company’s foundation sits on three basic value propositions: Trust, Value, and Innovation. Of course, the Trust and Value we bring to the marketplace provide the credibility and dependability to our company and product. The Innovation provides the performance and excitement!


Here’s what Stellus is all about:



  • First and foremost, our largest investor is Samsung, a solid industry leader in memory and NAND who has shown unwavering support with funding and in-kind services. From the beginning they’ve strongly believed in us, and we’re delivering.
  • We spent well over three years in stealth mode, researching, building and testing to get the product right.
  • Our top three leaders have a combined total of over 65 years in the industry—their extreme competence and well-earned confidence empower their bold leadership.


  • We offer superior ROI, given that our solution can integrate into existing data center architectures.
  • There’s no need for proprietary hardware nor forklift upgrades, so implementing and maintaining our solution is fast and seamless.
  • Our native file system provides performance and scalability beyond compare. If the adage that “time is money” holds true for blockbuster movie houses, then our solution will knock the socks off of studio execs by delivering the ability to run 16 simultaneous streams of uncompressed 4k data , when other systems allow only 4.
  • Our solution scales performance and capacity independently, so it’s not necessary to add more capacity to get better performance.


  • Our file system uses an algorithm instead of global location maps, which dramatically reduces latency and effectively eliminates most bottlenecks.
  • Our architecture is built on a decoupled model to optimize compute and storage.
  • Customers can customize the clusters, starting with 20GB per second and scaling capacity up to 1.5PB according to need.
  • Our solution provides near-equal read/write endurance with no performance penalty—unheard of from other file systems.
  • Our solution is purpose-built for unstructured data, which is the largest growing data type today.

That’s us. Don’t take our word for it, though. Contact Stellus to try Stellus Data Platform for yourself, and then tell us what you think.


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